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Our ongoing projects are the following:

Ethno Power
The project targets groups of vulnerable immigrants in Finland in an effort to strengthen their participation in community activities.

Routes towards entrepreneurship in the welfare sector – HYRRÄT
Expertise for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education in the welfare sector

KAMU – Students of social services and immigrants becoming buddies 
A service learning model for buddy tutoring activities

Bodiliness for immigrant work
Body work to support the integration of immigrants

Towards an Ecosocially Conscious Civilized Society
e-Learning material for sustainable development to support early childhood education in national and international contexts

Accurate Excercise and the Prevention of Osteoporosis (2011-2013)
International R&D cooperation.. The study measured the effects of exercise on bone structure using, among other tools, computed tomography. The ultimate goal of the study has been to create a new method for predicting future fractures that is superior to traditional bone density measurements.  The objective in the future is to plan a comprehensive study aiming to reduce bone fractures among Finland’s ageing population.

PROcompetence (2012-2013)
A partnership towards more client-centred  expertise and pedagogies

Wellbeing and Energy Efficiency for the Living Conditions of Senior Citizens  (2011-2014) seeks innovative solutions for improving the residences, well-being and services available to senior citizens

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